Content & Training... Gamified!

SonicTrain's The Arena is a start-up company offering you and your team a completely custom yet promptly deployed Gamification platform.

Like many modern digital marketing approaches, Gamification can quickly disseminate product and company information specifically geared to your budget... just set an amount and we'll make it work.

Contact us for an introductory package that take your content management and training programs to a whole new level!

We currently have a live Industry Arena for Facilities / JanSan and have deployed several Gamification campaigns in the Industrial and Residential Electrical industries.

Sponsors can choose to enlist our services and have a turn-key solution or use our Admin site to easily create and manage your Arenas, Games and Players.



"The Arena"

The Arena is an interactive training and marketing gamification platform that can be customized to your topic, product, or service in just a few hours.